Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shot out to MOMS!

I always speak of my dad's influence on my becoming an aritst, and I realized that I never give props to my moms. Never has there been a womans' bold presence of guidance and support, then what I got and still get from my mom. To be an artist, and to be an animator, I think you have to really know how to see people, and how to sympathize and empathize with their emotions and ideas. My mother is a queen of this. Never once did she stop me from trying to become and artist, and when I ever fell, and still do, she brings me up, and reminds me that everything I got in me, my will and determination to be stronger with each day, came from her. Creativity I may have gotten from my pops, but love and respect for the thngs I do and create, is all about moms.

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