Monday, October 01, 2012


No drawing or animation post, Since Halloween is coming up,
tonight I am gonna talk about fear. Fear is a word that always has this negative foundation. I feel that fear can be looked at as a driving force, fear can be something you have out of the respect of a person or a craft. I fear art, I fear animation, I am so terrified of these two things that sometimes my heart can not take it and it skips a beat, I get cold and sweaty, I panic, Its embarrassing! LOL. Somehow through this fear, I find drive. Drive to do better, to push harder, to keep making myself a better artist. The fear I have of art is that at anytime it can turn on you, or be taken away from you, whether its loss of a job, losing your sight,losing a limb! Or just not gaining the altitude talent wise that you always imagined for yourself. Scary things right? Wrong. Fear is life, do I date this girl? Do I take this job? Do I try this? Do I try that? These are all things that can illuminate fear,but there is a good side to this, I feel all the things in life that are ever worth a damn thing root from fear, and if we let it fuel us and not stop us cold, we can soar like a fucking eagle strapped to a missile heading toward the blazing sun! I just recently got a job where I am working on my very first animated feature, with industry vets, they scare the shit out of me everyday! Though filled with fear, I still manage to take my black ass to work everyday, because I am soaking up as much shit as I can, learning growing, I am allowing my fear to fuel me not inhibit me. Fear is the bomb!! D!