Wednesday, April 23, 2008

edie sedgwick

Ok so I have not been good at posting, I cant really show the work I have been doing animation wise, but I had to post something. Truthfully, I have been partying my ass off looking for the first and only Mrs. Dixon :) But I recently rented factory girl about the life of Edie Sedgwick, and for now she is my girlfriend, and this image is inspired by her, just a fast little doodle, but I think its cute! More to come!



Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gainesville Rocks!

Ok so its not a drawing but I promise to get some new sketches up soon, I have been so busy with getting settled in here in florida, and making new friends, learning how to animate using motion builder, which rocks btw! I really wish I could show some of the stuff I am working on, its very exciting and fun, And the models I am working on look so kick ass, not to mention the great rigs, I have never worked on such cool looking characters and its such a blast bringing these guys to life and animating them doing cool shit. I guess you will all see them when we finish our game. I am learning that life is about progression,not being afraid to try and go somplace new. I love the town here, Dallas was not the place for me, and this just confirms it being here, I have met some great people, I love coming into work everyday.And you can feel comfortable being yourself and speaking your mind without people bending out of shape. I look forward to showing off some new personal animation as well as some new sketches. Be back soon!