Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kung Foo Awesomeness!

I recently went to the movies and saw Kung Foo Panda, and damn was it good! The story was great, the characters all stayed true to who they were, the jokes all fit the film and wasnt just pop culture references. It was fantastic, one of the great challenges I have been faced with at work is animating a large creature that has weight and power and still able to be somewhat dexterious. To see this panda with its fluid movements with flawless weight shifts and wonderful timing, I was inspired and jealous at the same time LOL yea I can admit it I get jealous! I left the movie feeling happy and yet again reminded as to why I wanted to become an animator, watching people laugh and react to the animation and the characters was such a treat for me. My hat goes off to all who worked on the film and specifically the animators! I will continue to strive for something as great! GO see the movie! :)


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Old Shizznit

So I was playin with my cam a few days ago and took some pics of some images that were too big for my scanner, pictures are not the best quality, I should of invested in the better cam. :) but I thought I would post these for the hell of it. :)