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Lil lunch time doodle while I waited for me food to warm up. :)

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Book of life Images Released!!

Here are two images for the movie I have the luck to be currently working on! I can not wait for people to see it! Its gonna be Amazing!!!


Done for the facebook page Sketch Dailies

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have been working for 10 plus years in the animation industry and finally I get to achieve one of my biggest goals ever! Working on an animated feature film! I have been learning and growing so much! That is what I love most about animation, the learning never stops! One day you might have to be a dinosaur, the next a ballet dancer, then a talking veggie,or a Turkey! I am a happy man!!

Monday, October 01, 2012


No drawing or animation post, Since Halloween is coming up,
tonight I am gonna talk about fear. Fear is a word that always has this negative foundation. I feel that fear can be looked at as a driving force, fear can be something you have out of the respect of a person or a craft. I fear art, I fear animation, I am so terrified of these two things that sometimes my heart can not take it and it skips a beat, I get cold and sweaty, I panic, Its embarrassing! LOL. Somehow through this fear, I find drive. Drive to do better, to push harder, to keep making myself a better artist. The fear I have of art is that at anytime it can turn on you, or be taken away from you, whether its loss of a job, losing your sight,losing a limb! Or just not gaining the altitude talent wise that you always imagined for yourself. Scary things right? Wrong. Fear is life, do I date this girl? Do I take this job? Do I try this? Do I try that? These are all things that can illuminate fear,but there is a good side to this, I feel all the things in life that are ever worth a damn thing root from fear, and if we let it fuel us and not stop us cold, we can soar like a fucking eagle strapped to a missile heading toward the blazing sun! I just recently got a job where I am working on my very first animated feature, with industry vets, they scare the shit out of me everyday! Though filled with fear, I still manage to take my black ass to work everyday, because I am soaking up as much shit as I can, learning growing, I am allowing my fear to fuel me not inhibit me. Fear is the bomb!! D!

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So for the past ten weeks, I was working at reel fx dallas on project "Dave" What an amazing fun place! Sooo many talented artist at the studio. I often wondered how in the hell did I end up here?! But I truly felt blessed and thanked GOD everyday for the chance to work and to work with so many friendly creative people. The time flew by so fast! So many amazing things happened! I was reunited with old friends from various studios I have worked at in the past, and I made new friends as well! I am not gonna lie, before I got this gig, I was in a really low place, a dark place that I do not ever want to be in again, you know that place where you basically shit on yourself, and question yourself, you doubt all the things that make you who you ARE! But some amazing things happened, I got sooo much respect in Dallas for these little drawings I did when I would wait for a playblast. I got so much admiration and respect from all my coworkers that it really filled my heart!! I am not sure why I always need validation in life and especially in my career, but I do! I think it is the curse of being an artist, but more then money or material things, I have always just wanted respect in the field I have put and sacrificed so much in! So getting that from just these little doodles, that made me happy! Then we had a visitor, you might have heard of him, Glen Keane! If you dig deep in this blog you will find a drawing he did for me when I was about 3 years old, it had a huge impact on my facination with animation and drawing. I Had the chance to tell him the story of how he met my father when my dad worked at Atari, and he asked Glen to do a drawing for me and my two sisters. I told him how it influenced me, and at the time we were so poor, we could not frame it. I told him how we kept it in a encyclopedia under Disney. I told him how I found myself always opening it up to gaze at the drawings, not quite sure why I was so "drawn" to it. I then just thanked him, he remembered meeting my father at Atari, and it truly was a full circle momment for me! This 10 week gig at REEL FX was just what I needed, I do not know what the future brings, but I am inspired and look forward to whatever new adventure comes my way! D!

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Dark Knight

Don't you hate it when people fuck you over? Take advantage? It would be nice to have a hero come in and handle it for you.

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