Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct 11 Second Club

Here is my October entry for this months contest, I hope you like it I had a blast working on it!


Friday, October 19, 2007

3d total making of article

They just posted my Making Of article Of my Best Buds/ The Majestic illustration. So check it out!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changing the World

I don't know if he will change the world, but its obvious we need some kind of change, and I would like to see this man given the chance. So show your support and check out
Donate 25 bucks and if you can't then spread the word to those out there who can send some finacial support!


Monday, October 15, 2007


I have been kinda lazy, so to just have suttin to post here is a squirrel I did a while back and did nothing with really, well one really bad animation, but we will pretend that we did'nt. Happy Monday!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hard Times

So no unfinished drawing today, or new 3d animation, just me putting my thoughts down. Its been a really hard couple of months, I packed up a nice comfy life in chicago, a place that just embraced my from the second I packed up my lil ford focus and left my moms house for the last time, and entered the city. Granted it took some adjustments, just like I am hoping it will here in Dallas. I hope. Its just been really hard, and things come out of nowhere and just knock you on your ass. And you go home with nobody to talk to about it, nobody to tell you its going to be ok, its just you, alone, alone, alone. LOL that shit is hard.But I remind myself every day why I took this step, why I uprooted one life to try for another, and its for the very reason that if you stand still your not living. My father taught me that, and anyone that really knows me knows that I don't exactly have the best relationship with my father, He has been in Korea for as long as I can remember, making toys doing his thing. No matter what though he taught me how to dream and to keep my head up, and is why I am a animator today, and is why there is a thriller pic on this entry. When I first saw thriller I thought wow!! How did they transform MJ into that wolf!? I wanted to know! My Dad Showed me, he grabbed a dictionary and in the lower corner he drew a normal mans face, then on to the next page, and the next, slightly distorting him as he went. The end result was a wolf man. He then sat it in front of me, flipped the pages and I was fucking trippin out! I was hooked. He took a simple flipbook to explain the process of what I was seening in thriller. Why am I bringing all this up now? Inspiration, I need it, and the fact that I am going to michigan for a reunion this weekend, and on the way back I am going to see my father for the first time in about 6 years. So with these upcoming things, I find myself thinking about life, and hard times and why it is I do what I do? Why am I this vulgar sometimes funny, twisted, animator? How will I handle the almost for sure hard times to come? I look forward to sitting down with my father and having a beer with him and talknig to him about this shit. I am not the best writer and this probaly will make no sense when I go back and read it, But like I said, its just me putting my thoughts down. The thoughts that won't get me arrested! Those thoughts I keep to myself! LOL