Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back in Black!

I just turned 29 yesterday, what the hell! Last time I checked I was 15, where does the time go? I am on a rampage now! Changing, losing myself, losing bad habits(smoking!), losing doubt in my skills, losing all the shit, I am gonna rock out! Become a better man, make great art that makes people smile! I laugh at the cloud of 30 looming over my head! :)


SteveLambe said...

Happy Birfday, ya old fecker!! Wish I could be there for the Dixon party extravaganza. I'm not a dancer though ;)

TaniaMC said...

I think that sounds like a great philosophy you're adopting. And I hope you had a great Birthday!

Remember... DON'T SMOKE! That's the key to quitting. :)

WillRyan said...

30 aint so bad, at least not the first 2 weeks! Thanks for the encouraging words at my blog! Shoot me your address and I'll send you my crappy sketchbook!