Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Weight Test

Here is a test in animating weight, hope you guys like! It was fun to work on!

Heres the LINK:


Dave Pryor said...

Hey Don!

Nice 1st attempt.

The parts that need the most work are the initial walk up to the box and the part where he turns to the alternate pose with his back to the box. Give it the proper pacing. Some of the actions feel rushed. Also giving the box a "little" movement (very minimal) on the 1st push so it doesn't look hopeless (like a brick wall). A little rock back on the back side that you see for 2 frames.

Just obsevations - keep it up!

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks alot dave! I like some of the suggestions you made and will try to apply them soon! I especially like the rocking back idea on the box, I think its a little funny that it appears helpless to move, but maybe I can use both, a helpless push after the intial push with a little give. Lots of possibilities! Thanks again.

Virginia Valle said...

OHHHHH nice work Don :).... I need to post something new on my blog :) you are very active hehehhe ... I like the animation ... well that observation will good... but is still a nice work :)