Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Audio Clip

Here's another clip I am working on refining, trying to get my animation skills to that next level. Its a battle!

RIG CREATED BY Peter Starostin


SteveLambe said...

Slap some curve and slick shoes on that guy, and he's reay to party!

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhh you really work hard ;) .. I like a lot this one ..he is a lot of fun.. I hope to see more
Do you know Daniel Martinez Lara? He work with one model no texture nothing,only animation his character called pepe.. was a funny character.. with that character he make famous ;) and when I saw your character I remember it ......excellent work

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks so much the rig (character) was created by a Peter Starostin, I guess I do work hard but its 0nly because I look forward to the next big step, the harder I work the more I learn, the more I inspire, and see others work towards their goals. I remember that pepe character I hope that I just keep progressing and make great art!

Virginia Valle said...

:) Yes,a lot of inspiration!! :)..... I can't wait to see you next animation :)

Santi said...

eyyy Don nice animation, is funny hehhee. I think you need improve a little bit when the character is talking. Is a bit confuse :)
Anyway, well done. I hope more animations :)

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks virgina, I can't wait to show you more!

santi thanks too, as far as the lip sync goes this was a free rigged character so I can show my animation skills, on the rig there are not many elaborate facial controls, in fact all i have for the mouth is a jaw that I can rotate to simulate talking. I will see about finding a rig that allows me to work more on my facial as well as body animation.

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