Monday, October 10, 2011

First Tattoo!

To mark the event of my unemployment, on my final week of work, I went to get my very first tattoo. It is of an animation disc, with the word, dream under it. It is to remind me, why I have moved from state to state, packing up one life to start a completely new one somewhere else. It is a reminder of the dream, the dream to become great at what I do, and to never stop chasing my dreams.


Cord Nielson said...

Awesome. I like the simplicity. I'm planning on getting an animation-related tattoo soon.

Chocolate Extacy said...

Thanks dude, yea I think every tat I get from here on will be animation related. And glad u dig the simplicity, simplicity is my thing, I always like to keep things simple.

Leon Gittens said...

that is a wicked tattoo, that should be every animators tattoo, haha nice