Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Cinematic I worked on!

So I am not going to get all into the crazy stuff on the forums about Ignition Entertainment or the major drama that went down at that place. But I did see that one of the game cinematic we worked on was leaked and I thought I would share it here,it truly was a shame that this game didn't get done. But Life moves on as did I, I wish all the people who stayed at Ignition all the luck and good fortune you deserve.


3dyoni said...

That was awesome man! How much of it did u work on?

Chocolate Extacy said...

Thanks man! I worked on a good amount of it, all of us animators kinda split it evenly across, I also got to story board it out with our animation director at the time. I have a few shots in the beginning I animated, and then from the moment the beast is shot til the end of the cinematic I animated that stuff. :)