Sunday, March 21, 2010


This was done before I got out here to Hawaii, needed some extra dough and did this one for FYI magazine in dubai. What made this so much fun to work on is that I was seriously stressing out at the time, I had finally landed a job but now came the long road of figuring out how I was going to break my lease, get my dog into hawaii with all the quarantine laws, and figure out how my gf was going to be able to go and transfer schools, and also how to afford to move all my stuff with no money. :) So I was stressed but then I got this little gig and it took my mind off of everything. My first pass at what the client wanted did'nt hit the mark I was bummed, but then I busted out this one and they loved it, it really just made me feel good to just be stress free and to also please a client at the same time.

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