Friday, December 07, 2007

Old Stuff!

I have been so busy I have not had any time to do the normal amount of drawing I usually do! So with that said I am posting some old drawings, some use to be on my old website, which is another thing I never have time to do anymore is update a new website, and some are just drawings I thought would be fun to post.


robi pena said...

Fantastic your personages, good lines!

John said...

Love your drawings man. Just found your blog. Great stuff!

arlo ramz said...

awesome stuff!

i know how that is not drawing for a while. i just started again this month.

found your blog btw through a comment you posted on a post i did a while back.


ivo said...

I wanted to say how much i like your blog! Gotta draw some more :)

G1toons said...

man tight designs , that afronaut, is funny, nice stuff