Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Proposal WIP

Work in progress, I actually forgot about this and since I have not been animating at home much, I may go in and play with it this weekend, but just in case I don't and end up on a date, :) here is where I am at.


Dan Segarra said...

Don! Looks good man.

Your poses look nice. Very clear and definite which is fantastic.

I think overall for future work, give some more love to the hips. There's a lot of subtlety in people's hips that can really add life to your character. For example, overlap... if you translate the hips from point A to point C, there's going to be drag (or pull) in the hips in your breakdown pose(B)... depending on if the hips are following or leading the action. I see that you do it sometimes, but overlap works in every aspect down to the facial animation even.

When you shoot reference, wear a bright belt and check out how your hips rotate and subtly shifts from one side to the other, especially when it settles down to a stop.

So hips man... hips. :) They're awesome... ;)

Although I love animation, I hope you went on that date instead. :) Hope you're enjoying Texas.

- Dan

Jesse Sandifer said...

Looks really good Don. A definite improvement from the first pass! I like the mix of emotions in there too. - keep up the personal work!


G1toons said...

looking nice, like the work on your blog, and your designs for your short