Monday, July 30, 2007

Best Friends

You know the best stories for me are the buddy flicks, yes they follow a very over used formula, two guys from different worlds, nothing alike and yet they bond, when in fact all signs should point that these two shouldn ot get along at all! There is something very cool and grabbing about that to me. Maybe its because I value my friends. Either way that was the basic idea behind this strange behavior competition I am workin on. So here we are more progress!


Alina Chau said...

OOOH!! AWESOME concept and fun characters!! Beautiful models!

Dan Segarra said...

Suh weet!

Liking how flexible the mouth looks. Are you gonna' rig it to be able to hit some nice mouth shapes? Very nice Don, hope you're enjoyin' Dallas. :)

Jav said...

What up!
This looks NOICE!
You bastard, this is what happens when you leave WMS? you get better...
Thats real NOICE!
Hope alls good!

Don Does Dallas! said...

thanks for the comments!

Thanks alina!

Dan- I dont know if I am gonna animate this guy or not, I sort of want to begin work on a new project. Dallas is cool but theres nothing like chi town!

I don't think leaving WMS makes you get better lol, otherwise how could u explain the amazing talent you guys all have over there!