Thursday, June 21, 2007

More fun from last night!

OK so Texas is cool! Lots of responsiblitly at the new job, they gave me the title of lead animator, which is a scary thing to me, cause I do'nt want to let anyone down! All I can do is show up and do my best, it seemed to have gotten me this far so we will see what the future brings. The people are really cool and very nice! Texas gets hot and from what I hear its only gonna get hotter! So I will be spending lots of time inside drawing or what not. The Dallas ladies have'nt really taken notice to me yet! :( But oh well. Anyway here is another painting from last night!



Dave Pryor said...

Hey Don!

Good to hear you're settled in Texas - I wish the best for you. I'm sure you'll charm everyone just like you did here in Chicago!

Nice painting here - The blue's are really appealing and the linework on the face is sharp!

Keep cool!

Kevin Barber said...

Hey Don,

Your gonna do great !! Can't wait to see what you produce with your new Texas inspiration. This guy is pretty cool. Is he your new Texas rommate?

Don Does Dallas! said...

Thanks Dave! I am not completly settled in but getting there. :) I hope I charm as many people as I can, or atleast let them tolorate me.LOL Thanks for the comments on the painting!

Kevin thanks man! And no its not my roomate it is a portrait of my new boyfriend, Edgar, pretty hot huh? :) mmmm tighty whiteys!

boob said...

Yep - I've always favored your flatter character work. Nice lumpy shapes in this ogre's physique.

Sounds like all is well in Texas for ya. It's still early to worry 'bout the ladies. Xerox your face and put it on all the phone poles out there - you'll have a cowgirl in your lap in no time! :)