Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This and That!


SteveLambe said...

Monkies are for suckas. Draw more pimps!

New quotes to replace anchorman!!

-Abbra-cadabra Holmes.....
“This sticker is dangerous and inconvient but I do like Fig Newtons”

“Okay, fine, but I’m still not going to call you Dad.” “Well what are you going to call me then?” “Okay, Professor Dickweed.”

“If you don’t chew Big Red, then @#% you”

“Yeah. Got it at target. It was on sale.” - Ricky Bobby giving the finger

“Hakuta matata, bitches.”

“Daddy, you made that grace your bitch!”

“Hi, I’m the girl…I’m Susan…I painted the car…we had sex”

“When I wake up I piss excellence”

“This is like Highlander.” “What’s Highlander?” “Its a movie.” “Is it good?” “It won the Academy Award for… best movie of all time”

“And Girard is sitting on the pole. Which is a statement of fact, and in no way related to his sexual orientation.”

“Oh and Ricky Bobby, I saw Highlander and it sucked”

“Oh yeah, and don’t try to snort the lucky charms”

“Here, I’ll put this knife in to pry out the other knife”

“I wanna thank little baby jesus, whos sitting in his crib watching the baby Einstein videos learning about shapes and colors”

“I’m gettin’ kind of dizzy… from all the… gayness.”

“If we wanted pussies as kids, we would have named them Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman”

“I did a full spread for Playgirl Magazine. I mean full spread. I spread my buttcheeks.”

“I’m living in reality now. I’m thinking of buying a gun, and selling crack. Just go out, ‘Hey… how you doing?… want some crack?’”

“I’m on fire! I’m on fire! Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish guy! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise use your witchcraft to get the fire off of me!”

“I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew”

“Shut up you little potlicker, I oughta put you in a microwave”

“I’m gonna come at you like a spider-monkey”

“I want to talk to you about snow blindness in cats. It’s affecting a lot of cats…and it scares the shit out of me”

“Dear lord baby Jesus. I want to thank you for my family. My beautiful two sons, Walker and Texas Ranger… we like to call him TR, and of course my red hot smoking wife.”

“I think of Jesus as a ninja fighting off evil samurai.”

“Why do you want to listen to the TV and the stereo at the same time?” “Because I like to party.”

“I’m gonna scissorkick you in the back of the head!”
“My teacher asked me ‘What’s the capital of North Carolina.’ I said ‘Washington D.C.’ She said ‘No! You’re wrong!’. I said ‘You’ve got a lumpy butt!’. Then she got mad at me and yelled at me.”

“You sound like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of your mouth.”

“If you say, ‘I love skinny pancakes,’ we agree? That’s ok?”

“We created the missionary position. You’re welcome!”

“Turn your heads its about to get crazy. We’re gonna make animal noise.”

“I can retire to stockholm with my husband and design currency for cats and dogs to use.” “That’s a stupid idea.”

“Is that Elvis Costello and Mos Def?”

“You be the Magic Man, and I’ll be El Diablo.” “What’s that mean?” “I think it’s spanish for fighting chicken.”

“Dear baby Jesus, we thank you so much for this harvest: Dominos, KFC, and the always delicious Taco Bell”

“It’s like a tractor-beam of hotness”

Andre Moore said...

nice blog you got going on here. check out we got a nice little blog of black artist going if you'd like to join.

Marshall Bock said...

These are really nice, man. I especially dig that monkey. Space monkey! Ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Miah Alcorn said...

Great sketches Mr.Don! The smiling tenticle alien one is my favorite... He looks oh so happy to have the extra appendages and who wouldn't be... not sure what that was supposed to mean, but really nice sketches just the same. Hope all is well up in Chi-town dude! Later tater

Kevin Barber said...

Wow,..i see you expanding into new territory and it's good.

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Steve Lamb ur insane! ANd I havent seen that movie yet so Im sure when I do it will be funny reading all these quotes. FOr now I will just say, "tip of the cap to you as well ms. corningstone!"

Everyone else thanks so much, kevin I am tryin out new territory, ITs the best way for me to not get stuck in one rut, but rather stuck in many. :)

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Don,

Great Space Monkey!

Nice linework and a great idea

Love it!