Friday, March 24, 2006


Not done yet but its lookin pretty decent so I decided to post it now before I fuck it up some more. :)


boob said...

This looks like the guy who did my taxes today. He had those Michael Keaton lips. I don't know Bats that well so I wonder what's up with the belts on his arms. Could be a cool direction to go all together. Like Voldo from Soul Calibur er somethin. A whole other take on Batty. Dig it.

Sammy Chu ^_^ said...

me too! I like it!

But his arms look too long....or maybe his legs are too short?

but you have to color this one. Jeff williams will enjoy this sketch---> he's a big batty fan.


Bruce Glidewell said...

Yo Playa,
This is looking good. I agree with Bob, that would be a cool direction to explore. You can't go wrong with some cool strappy stuff. Can't wait to see it painted up.


Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks for all the comments, and yes sam its somthing with the legs that i need to revist and get down correctly, so hopefully later I can do that maybe this weekend. :)

Lamont said...

Nice. I just watched Batman Forever today. I remembered my impulse to walk out when they showed the "Bat Buttshot". Your pic is way better.

SteveLambe said...

Is this Sport Illustrated model Batman? Looks he's trying to work that banana hammock. Or is Bat-nana hammock?

Nonetheless a cool drawing, spanky!