Thursday, December 01, 2005

Glen Keane

So I spoke before on my blog about a drawing my father recieved from Glen Keane, Back when My Dad worked at Atari I guess he ran into Glen Keane ( I think Glen was visiting with Atari) Anyway he did three drawings for myself and my two sisters. This is the one he drew for me. For years we kept the drawings in our encyclopedia under Disney. We were so poor back in those days and could'nt frame them until later. It now hangs in my moms place, for safe keeping. In so many ways these sketches got me really into what drawing really was, between these drawnings and my dad teaching me how to draw Popeye, I have been hooked! So basically I thought Id share the sketch. And Glen if your out there and see this, drop me a line man! :)


Dave Pryor said...


What a great story and heirloom from such a great artist. Cherish this for all time.

It's so great that your Dad could realize who Glen was and mannage to get art for all his kids - your dad is a hero.

Mark McDonnell said...

AWESOME man. Very impressive and personal. Dude, you have great stuff, nice to see.