Friday, November 04, 2005

Old Lady

Just for fun today!


Virginia Valle said...

Before go to my bed :P I LOVE THIS ONEEEEEEEEEEEE :) MAKE MOREEEEEEEEEEEE :D.. In 3d she will look SO GREAT :D

Kevin Barber said...

I really like the "s" flow of this.

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks Virginia! Thanks Kevin! Actually I skrewed up on the hand on this one and put the wrong hand on the cane, but because it was loose and just a sketch, I left it alone, but I should fix it! Very Amatuer mistake on my part. :)

Anonymous said...

great shapes Don!

I like her alot---- planning to color...*wink wink*

Her beehive amuses me. She must have plenty of hairspray to keep it from completely tipping.

good stuff- mazel mazel

Alina Chau said...

fun drawing!

Dave Pryor said...

I saw this one on your desk late today - striking design. (Old ladies always grab me)

Yeah - the hand stood out, but that's OK. It's good to do it loose and get on with it. Maybe you could have stopped a little earlier on this - maybe try a re-do where you don't go as far and see how it feels...just capture the shape with minimal details.