Monday, October 24, 2005


I had the pleasure of watching an old friend get married in Northern Michigan this past weekend. During this trip I was reunited with a few of my classmates who attended this wonderful school called Interlochen Arts academy. I can't put into words the kind of impact this school had and has on me. It was a pleasure to see these talented people who are now women with husbands, and Men with wives. I knew those guys as sqeaky voiced boys who are now men, and girls who you could totally see the women they would grow to become. And to actually see it was a treat for me. I alway get a refill of imagination and artistic fufillment when I go back there. And watching my friend get married filled me with a new sense of inspiration and excitment. To actually see her in love and starting this new journey was a thrill. I love you Interlochen peeps! Its more obvious to me than ever that its a bond that cannot, will not, no chance in hell, ever break. I am greatful and lucky to have that.


Virginia Valle said...

Ohh that is cute :) ....... I hope you had a good moment with your friends :) that moments are very pleasurable :)

Don Dixon's Blog said...

I did and they are momments that stay with you forever!

Virginia Valle said...

Don yesterday I saw my inbox :)... I replied it. Thanks :)