Monday, September 05, 2005

GO Spidey GO!

They have been playing Spiderman 2 back to back on hbo this weekend, so I decided to have some fun with bipeds in 3d studio max. IT was rushed so be gentle, but it also was fun.


SteveLambe said...

Nice anims, Don. Especially the wall crawling action! Good to see you practising your animation skills. Drawing with a pencil is a waste of time anyhow ;)

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks lambey! I tweaked these a little more tonight and will continue doing these biped anims for a 3d reel, for the future, thats if they all don't come out like crap.

Anonymous said...

Good Animations. I think your very talented and you will go far in life. Keep practicing to perfect your skill. Art is amazing, for only one reason: because of the way it makes people feel. Remember this as you create and you will be inspired to create greatness.

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