Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Darwin The Dreamer

My first children's book, a work in progress. Premise is about a little blind boy who creates wonderful creatures from his imagination, even though he is blind he can see his creations because they came from his imagination. Moral: A Child is both imaginative and creative, and with such a mind, they can turn their dreams into reality.


Logan said...

That sounds like a good idea. Amazing a book with a moral not spongebob crap. If you get this published I hapoe my kid will like it... he's only 2 but right now all he likes is spongebob and Dora the Explorer.

Logan said...

Your websight is really cool too. Is there anything of yours that is already published? I am trying to find cool things that aren't feeble minded and uncreative for my son. If so could you let me know

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks a lot logan! I hope your kid likes it too, if i ever get the thing finished. You have motivated me even more to get it done now. I am glad you like my website as well, Darwin will be my first published work, Just have to get it done! :)

Kareen said...

Hey, I've chanced upon your blog and I think your drawings and ideas are amazing!! I'll definitely be back for updates!!

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Thanks alot kareen, drop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

Second brilliant original idea? Check!

Dan Segarra said...

Lookin' good Don! Your stuff's getting more solid since the last I saw at WMS, and it was already good before. Nice stuff man, also nice idea for the illustration book! Sounds pretty sincere. Show more!

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